Instrumentation Cable suppliers
Fire Resistant Instrumentation Cable
Cu conductor core mice tape fire proof layer insulated and sheathed fire resistant instrumentation cable with 450/750V.

1.Why Choose Jiangsu Changcheng Cable  
Here's Jiangsu Changcheng Cable Is Committed to Offer for Every Customer:
High quality cable product with competitive price;
OEM cable product
Custom design per specific cable requirements and budgets;
Fast and on-time delivery of cable;
Flexible business deal;
Chief cable engineer with over 40 years' experience;
Harmonious colleague and customer relationship;
All cable products 100% Inspection;
Comprehensive after-sale service.

2.Changcheng  Advantages for Instrumentation  Cable
Changcheng is one professional manufacturer who concentrate on instrumentation cables for nearly 30 years. We can supply instrumentation cables with low minimum production quantities and competitive lead times. Chanchange can assist in the design of the perfect instrumentation  cable for the intended application.

3.Customized instrumentation cable
Instrumentation cables comply to BS5308 standard and can be customized to produce to meet various requirements of overseas clients .For example, the diameter of insulation , core identification ,insulation material and rated voltage  can be designed by you .
4.Fire-resistant instrumentation cable
Fire-resistant cable can still ensure the normal operation of lines within certain time in case of combustion. It is different from the ordinary flame retardant cable in that in the event of a fire, it may continue electricity transmission. The use of this product will allow high-rise buildings, subways, power plants and other major occasions to have better fire safety and fire rescue capability.
Operating characteristics
1. Cable laying temperature: ≥0°C
2. The highest rated temperature values of PVC insulated cable conductor and XLPE insulated cable conductor are 70°C, and 90°C, respectively.
3. The highest rated temperature values of cable conductor in case of short circuit (the longest duration not more than 5s) does not exceed 160°C and 250°C for PVC insulation and XLPE insulation, respectively
4. Under rated voltage of the cable, the fire-resistant cable can maintain 90 min normal operation in is 750°C-800°C flame.
5. Bending radius: same as ordinary cable.
Our Service:
1.Warm reception,and reply your consultation about the technical questions within 24Hours;
2.Provide our customers professional knowledge of cables;
3.Product the cables due to the orders and international standards strictly;
4.Deliver the cables on time without any other Force majeure factors;
We guarantee to actively help customers deal with a series of after-sales serviceInstrumentation Cable suppliers

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