Porazdir boss, Dawnbringer, Avernic Defender & more!
Porazdir & Dawnbringer preview

[Image: a00d85f35d15e90d48f8dd07a61da0dd.gif]

Porazdir is a great beast of currently unknown origin. This beast has great power & his appearance in the MapleScape world suggests something is going wrong..

This boss has 3 attack styles all of which have a max hit of 37.
-Melee style attacks are used most often. These hits can hit through prayer but will have reduced damage.
-Magic attacks are also used by Porazdir. This attack can 100% be deflected with prayer.
-The special attack being the least common attack of this boss can not be avoided with any type of prayer.

Porazdir drop table 

[Image: 3847af6c8089be9505e4bb9574de870c.gif]

Porazdir is located in deep wilderness. To quickly find Porazdir I suggest you teleport to Lava Dragons and running slightly north west. 

Changes & updates

The Ice Diamond exchange is now in-game. The shop is located inside of the sponsor/vip zone bank(5/21/2019 stand-alone update)

Finished Diaries now display green in the achievement tab

Diaries Completed is now properly tracked & displayed on the bottom of the achievement tab
-Anyone who has some of these completed already will have to contact Kenny & he will manually update your tracker. Any diary finished from here on out is tracked automatically.
-Claiming the reward for completing an Elite Diary now updates your achievement tab without having to log out

Fixed thieving stalls in the sponsor/vip zone

Crafting shop has had most stock extended to 50000 rather than 2500 items

A weaker dragonfire that can be 100% countered with one or more of the following; Antifire shield, Dragonfire shield, Anti-fire potion, Extended anti-fire potion
-This weaker dragonfire is now used by REGULAR green, blue, red & black dragons. 
-Metal & Brutal dragons use the stronger version of the dragonfire requiring 2 OR MORE of the methods listed above

Avernic defender can now be created by using the Avernic Hilt on a Dragon Defender

Dawnbringer staff & spell has been added
-Dawnbringer is similar to a Trident of the Seas/Swamp but without requiring to be charged
-Dawnbringer has base max hit of 37 (base means before any damage multipliers or boosts have been applied)
-Dawnbringer requires 90 Magic to use. If you have 90+ magic but have your Magic reduced via NPC or Saradomin Brew you will need to restore your Magic level to cast this spell.
-1/6 chance of restoring 2 prayer points while using the Dawnbringer in combat

Porazdir boss has been added 
-3 attack styles; Melee, Magic, & an unavoidable special attack
-When Porazdir goes below half health he has a chance to restore 84-168 hp
-+500 extra Range Defence as well as -250 Magic Defence has been added to Porazdir. Range can still be used as an effective method this change simply provides balance
-Porazdir is intended to be a high hp, low overall defence, & high risk boss providing some great rewards
-Can be soloed but suggested to duo or group boss

Revenant & Vorkath drop rates have been revamped

Extended cap amount of Consecutive tasks from 150 to 500. Tasks streaks after 250 provide large amounts of points

Two new wilderness teleports have been added
-Teleport to the Lava dragon entrance
-Teleport to demonic ruins

Godsword Ornament kits now work properly

All Ornamental godswords now have the proper special attack

Anti-Venom & Anti-venom+ immunity timers have been updated

Vps Database migration

Our VPS provider will be migrating their VPS database location, unfortunately this means we will be receiving a small amount of downtime. They have also moved this migration to a sooner date than originally stated, that date being tomorrow. They have moved the migration to tomorrow evening/night simply because it is a holiday night & they expect the least amount of traffic to peoples servers meaning minimal effect on the users end. 
The migration will take place on : Monday, May 27th 2019, 17:00 to 07:00 CST
So much content! Veery nice!

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