Unscheduled update 5/14/2019
This update includes some things that have recently been brought to my attention and/or that I have been working on, on the side. I hope you all can find something in this small update that makes the game more enjoyable.

Fixed some issues with Desert diaries not being able to be completed

Added unlockable #NoLife title for players who have maxed

Chance to receive a slayer pet has been reduced from 1/27950 to 1/15640 (Subject to change if this begins to feel TOO common)

Chance to receive Imbued God Capes from Wilderness Slayer has been cut in half (now 1/6392)

You can no longer get duplicate Imbued God capes if you already have the specific Cape/Max cape variant.

Daily Points now display in the quest tab so you no longer have to guess or keep track of your total points

Npc Death kill tracker will now track EVERY npc killed with a combat level of 1 or above

Aberrant Spectres FINALLY count towards task & have been readded as obtainable task

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