Revamped skilling zone & much more. 5/13/2019
Download it from the homepage or link below!!

[Image: ddc0e37c5e7a303df1a69ed3de22c3ea.gif]

Full list of updates and changes

Silk stalls have been added to the .cfg so they are no longer "permantely depleted" after being depleted one time

Tutorial text & teleport locations have finally been changed to accompany the changes we have made to the home

Max Cape inventory options have been changed - (New client needed)

Dwarven Rock Cake guzzle option now works properly

New Skilling area has been implemented- (New client needed)
-Most things included in the teleport zone
-To fish you must run EAST

Random npc spawns removed form zeah beach

Prestige system has been indefintely removed, this will not be seeing a return
-There is no reasonable rewards I can think of to influence people to actually prestige without ruining the integrity of the game
-Maxing some skills takes a large amount of dedication, especially on Challenge Mode. Most people DO NOT want to reset these stats to begin with.
-Alternatively, Bonus XP stacks make some skills extremely fast & this could make it extremely easy to farm points for certain rewards & leave other players in the dark about which skills they grinded to farm these points 

Small changes made to home map
-Skilling location dirt coloring changed
-Stone tiles around the Fishing spots
-Poll booth removed
-Thieving stalls at home have been moved south, near the home fishing spots

Enoch now opens the Vote Point shop

The Teleport Wizard has been re-added to home
-I previously thought people would PREFER to use the spellbook to teleport, but most people are now accustomed to using an npc teleport on most servers and became confused when joining us
-You can still use the spellbook if you wish at this time, But this feature may be removed and have the city teleports function properly.

A couple of Admin commands have been made owner only. (No concerns of abuse are the cause of this. But due to possible bugs that could be take place on the Admin account)

Mage of Zamorak has had the right click options changed to match what they actually do. (New client needed)
Yay silk stalls! Ardougne diaries here I come!

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