So this is just a quick list of bugs and stuff I've encountered since joining. Figured id post it now.

max cape only has % chance for double resource collecting.. when original is 100%.. why?

no master farmers to pickpocket for diaries in falador and ardougne. nvm thx Kenny :-)

no wizard to teleport you to essence mine in falador? nvm..

cannot enter barbarian agility course for diaries? nvm thx Kenny :-)

when receiving double resources, only counts as 1 for diaries?

prayer shows active prayers when none are active?

max cape wont teleport to most boss tasks?

when completing master clue scrolls, having no prayer points left stops you completing the clue.

cannot mine silver in crafting guild? (not a big deal? does it even have a use?)

hunter shows level 1?

some skills show the xp of another skill?

can we make max cape emote the teleport animation for max cape owners/wearers? (would just be a cool perk)

max cape variants, (fire max cape) don't have same options as regular? (to show bonuses)

no fletching options for redwoods? (not a big deal) just makes them rather useless.

redwoods are worthless to general store.. no point cutting them really..

tree spirit queen doesn't show on minimap? yellow dot.

Diary for Fremennik is spelt wrong. Fremmnik..

mole doesn't give boss kc?

when selling items back to shops, they often tell you an incorrect price.

cannot thiev from ardougne silk stalls for achievement diary.

edit: rune pouch will also 'destroy' runes when you try to add them to your pouch..
when you already have say 10 death runes in your pouch then click to add more death runes from inventory, you will still only have 10 death runes in your pouch and you lose runes from inventory.

when attacking enemies, usually in 'multi' combat areas. They freeze up and wont move? making bursting annoying and way less efficient.

the drop rate bonus pet from the custom quest says 2.5% drop rate.. but only gives 2% drop rate?

can we change the option when you left click on a pet and change it from pickup to something else? makings it annoying when pvming n stuff.

Daily tasks for monsters like abyssal demons don't count the ones in catacombs, can both be added or tasks clarified.

One of the max cape perks is that it reduces the time it takes for seeds to grow. This does not seem to work.
Half of these are not bugs but lack of information or misinformation/assumptions & lack of trial and error on the players end, a few more are suggestions and should be posted in the proper section. Also Skilling supplies are not meant to be sold to the general store for cash. Most skills should be more of a money sink not a guaranteed profit from an npc. If you wish to try to sell skilling supplies I would suggest putting them in the trading post. With that said I will not be increasing the value of redwoods etc. The rest will be looked at asap, thank you.
With redwoods, I don't expect them to be worth a lot, I just mean that Yews are 1k, magic logs are 2.3k and redwoods are literally 0. Tongue

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