Slayer update! 4/16/2019
New slayer master!
[Image: 2e51f1e963f29ebb7a17897ab2ea03ac.gif]

Vannaka will now give players anything between easy, medium, and some hard tasks. This master will also introduce in a few new tasks into the game. You must have 40 combat and 25 slayer to talk to or get tasks from Vannaka

Slayer task changes!
[Image: c22090cf4d999363176ceab3bee0e5d8.png]
Tasks from all masters excluding Nieve have had some tasks removed, new tasks have been added, and all tasks have been extended. Our slayer tasks were fairly short before this update and rewarded such large amounts of points especially on Double Slayer tuesday. This update will make slayer a much more balanced skill as far as levels, rewards & difficulty. Many tasks have also been rearranaged so that they go with the proper master depending on slayer & combat level needed to unlock each master.

Karmabwan & Karambwanji fishing!

[Image: cbee2b3bf03a2584d49cb440681931ea.gif]
Karambwan fishing has always been a pain, not so much anymore! You no longer have to load the vessel to fish the karambwanji nor do you have to do it one at a time. Karambwanji now acts as bait when you have the regular vessel in your inventory as well.

Additonal Updates & Information:

Fixed bandos VIP teleport

Moved Mage of Zamorak spawn to Edgeville

Added fishing spots to the home fishing area - Karambwanji, shrimp, trout/salmon, lobster/swordfish, Ice Diamond (sponsor+ content)

Changed how the :Confusedpz and ::vip commands are handled

Karambwan fishing no longer requires a loaded karambwan vessel. Just buy a karambwan vessel & have Karambwanji in inventory as bait!

Can no longer use karambwanji on a vessel to create a loaded vessel

New sponsor+ fishing spot has been added to home. This fishing spot gives Ice Diamonds which will soon be traded in or gambled for awesome rewards! This spot has the best chance of a Heron pet but worst Exp ingame.

Prices of bonus books balanced 

Ultra Mystery box tables have been updated

20+ item defintions have been updated

Discovering Destructive magics now gives 1x large lamp instead of 2x small lamps

You now always get 2 loots from Raids. Either 2 common rewards or 1 rare & 1 common loot at the same time

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