Changes to Edgeville, Client update, Bonus books expanded & more!
 Fairly big Client update!

You can download the new client from the homepage or from the link below

Changes to Edgeville!

[Image: 23da7a6588c99e373282026b404d0884.gif]

I have recently purchased a Map Editor and have been spending many hours learning how to use the tools inside & when. I deeply felt our Home are needed some customization but also feel that Edgeville is very familar to players & a comfortable place to begin your grind. With these things in mind I have made changes to the Edgeville map that makes it much more community friendly but keeps most of the original buildings & paths. You can see a list with the majority of the changes below.

This is my first map edit, ever. I understand some things may not be the best but I have quite a few hours into learning with/'perfecting' this map & this map may be updated or changed in the future. I am open to all feedback and criticism. Thank you. <3

List of logged changes to the client/cache;

New boss - Be patient you'll get to fight it soon!

New gear - ^^

Some items have been renamed (Bonus books, Experience lamps etc)

Edgeville map has been customized & updated-Simple yet clean & effective includes;

-New edgeville bank setup & tile design

-Evil daves house removed & replaced with a custom fenced in area to house our trading post!

-3 out of 4 of the remaining building located in edgeville have had their tiles updated to look more appealing

-Coffins removed from the structure south of edgeville bank

-Stone wall gaps created/removed inside of the structure as well

-A small lake, more trees, & mineable rocks have been added south of edgeville bank-These will remain as starter level skilling options, higher tier content found elsewhere

-Most useless minimap icons in edgeville have been removed & proper useful ones have been placed

-Decrotive capes have been added to around Edgeville

-Objects inside of the trading post area will all have functions, Currently only one does.

Wilderness Lever found in edgeville has been renamed

Fixed issues with walkable/unwalkable tiles inside of the woodcutting guild & near the 50-ish wilderness fence, close to the fountain of rune

Teal lugia removed & replaced with purple lugia with skyblue accents

All lugia pets have been downsized

Trading post object inside of edgeville bank removed

Heatmap link removed

The button that previously linked you to the heatmap page now takes you to the Vote Page!

Helper/Info crown has been replaced with a less bulky looking but similar crown

Sever update

The updates to the live server all accommodate the client update & finish off some loose end content & expand on the recently released Bonus Books. 

[Image: 4f398a689fdb75013c288d87564cf12d.gif]

List of updates & changes:

30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, and 3 hour Double Drop books have been implemented

15 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, and 3 hour bonus XP books have been implemented

Fixed multiple daily tasks (dragonstones, barrows chest, etc)

Updated shop prices of all bonus XP/Dobule drop books

Slayer masters moved to accompany the designated slayer area/mapicon added in the edgeville map update

A timer is now displayed when using a bonus book of any kind-Timer will dissapear when you log out but he boost STAYS until you log in & finish off the time saved to your account

Heatmap system removed

Updated maps have been added server sided to support pathing/clipping

Vannaka slayer master spawn added to accompany upcoming slayer update

Updated the message & crown displayed when a player received an agility pet

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