Daily tasks introduced! 4/9/2019
Daily Tasks have arrived!

[Image: ee9e6750382af5130ecfe3d9b163736b.gif]

Today we have introduced the Daily Task system! This will allow you to receive 1 task per day based on your preference. You can receive PVM or Skilling tasks by talking to the Daily Manager at home!

Many more tasks & rewards will be added in the near future which I'm sure will bring much more for players to do & with good reason!

Full list of changes in this update (Small)

Introduced the Daily task system

All daily taks upgraded to a medium-difficulty

Daily Points implemented and now rewarded by the completing Daily Tasks

Skilling sets removed from achievements (I know this makes it fairly useless to grind the Achievements but they are all being revamped very soon in the next big update, don't worry!)

Fixed a firemaking bug

Challenge Mode accounts now receive less experience from Experience Lamps

Daily Manager will now skip the dialogue to enable daily tasks if you have already enabled them

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