Small QOL update 4/8/2019
Today's update is strictly QOL to help ensure our game is not just enjoyable but unique and stands out from our competition down to the smallest details! On top of this small update I have & will continue to update the "guide price" of items that will be commonly traded in the Trading Post to reflect a more accurate price.
**These prices are based on many factors & are always subject to change & will not be 100% up-to-date at all times. Please remember this & report when an item has changed significantly in price** 

Updates & changes:

Black robe top & some unreleased items now count as full bodies & full helms now so your arms & head are no longer visible when wearing them

Farming experience multiplier increased for regular & iron gamemodes to balance out the base experience being fixed

General Experience rate balancing (Fishing/cooking, Woodcutting/firemaking/fletching, thieving)

You can now use god d'hide sets on the trading post to open them

Herblore supplies removed from the general store & can now only be bought from Bob the Barter

Amount of all consumables & skilling supplies inside of shops have been reduced significantly

Prices of all consumables have been modified to promote skilling & trading or using the trading post to obtain these items

Consumable and combat base shop NPCs have been reverted to our original shop npcs! 

Zeke now opens the consumable shop

Horvik now opens the Melee combat shop

Lowe now opens the Ranging combat shop

Aubury now opens the Magic combat shop

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