Huge Update! 3/17/2019
Its been a busy week for the MapleScape staff team but boy oh boy has it been worth it. You won't want to miss out on the new content & changes within this update or the upcoming updates. Read below for more information!

Website changes

[Image: 55e3e77b349e7d779fa14af4971d94ed.gif]

Our new homepage is now live! It looks much more sleek and professional than our previous one. We can also provide players with much more information on the homepage its self rather than making them log in or visit the forums without even seeing a single detail! Along with this great change, Our website is now much more secure. We have implemented Cloudflare Railgun services that not only helps secures peoples connections to the website and give us an extra layer of DDOS protection; It will allow our website to load quicker for players who are outside of the U.S. We have also received and implemented an SSL certificate to further secure the data of anyone visiting the website. We don't want anyone to feel unsafe when visiting our website and these are just 2 steps we have taken to ensure the safety of the community.

Experience Cap

[Image: 5c67cd4abceeebdb53554f7c5a832540.gif]

The experience cap has been raised from 200m to 2.1b! With this raise we have also implemented a system that yells when players reach; 100m, 200m, 500m, 1b, and 2b experience in any skill. I am contemplating rewards for reaching 1 and 2 billion experience but want to make sure I poll balanced items that are worth the grind. If anyone reaches 1 or 2 billion experience before a reward is implemented they will personally be compensated by me simply by asking. The players who I know or will personally see hit these milestones will be noted and will not need to contact me to receive the reward. 

Discovering Destructive Magics

[Image: a3347abd24af2b26259285f0d8623dee.png]

[Image: a25346e609bb37658fa4182f970eae4c.gif]

[Image: daaa31d6dd9bf74dc8fbf5c54c53f564.gif]

The newest addition in our quickly expanding list of quest has been released! You can start this quest by teleporting to lumbridge and visiting the Lumbridge Castle kitchen and speaking to Duke Horacio. With this being our second quest released I have decided to only make it a quest with "medium" length & difficulty. However, this is meant as end game content so you will need 84 Herblore and 95 Runecrafting before the Duke will speak to you. This quest has been a great experience for me to expand on my skills related to writing these quests. The dialogue may be short but it definitely ties things together well and makes it very clear what is needed for the quest.

The actual code for the quest is much more clean and functions much better than the previous version of Helping the Elders. So much better in fact, I rewrote Helping the Elders & it can now be completed again by players who completed the old one. The only extra benefit this will provide to you is a Small Experience Lamp so I see no harm especially when the trade off is QUALITY. 

Additonal Updates and Information:

Added duke horacio and cook spawns to the kitchen of lumbridge castle
Added Rune & Adamant Dragons server sided

Wrath runecrafting implemented

You can now receive a Wrath Rift Guardian while crafting Wrath runes. 

Wrath Rift Guardian added as pet

Fixed turoth drops, attack, block, and death animations

Updated Bree Saradomin Godwards minion attack and death animations

Dragon chainbody will no longer announce when gotten as a rare drop

Added Saradomin, Zamorak, guthix max capes (imbued)

Implemeneted holy wrench ability.  (4% more prayer points restored when drinking prayer pots & super restores)

Max xp in a skill is 2.1 BILLION instead of 200 MILLION

Implemented bonus days (Not every single day of the week, Will possibly change regularly)

Updated new player log in announcements 

melee xp rates reduced by 125x (925x -> 800x)

Added special attacks for; Arclight, Statius' Warhammer, Vesta longsword.

Made Wrath Tiara wearable & added item configs

Made players require 84 herb and 95 runecrafting to start the new quest

Added a Adamant and rune dragon teleport that takes you directly to Captain Kalts island, Enter the cave to fight dragons

You now need to complete Discovering Destructive Magics to enter the rune and adamant dragon cave

Rune and Adamant dragons have a 1/8 chance to drop a Wrath Tiara if you do not have one on your account already

Arclight now properly degraded back to darklight when you attack with 0 charges

The missing texture on top of some trees has been added (Client sided change, download the new client. new players will have this already)
Freking nice update kenny! You have done so much awesome work for maplescape. Keep up the good work my dude! Cant wait to get them 2bs xD
Thanks ginger & will do! You better get the first 2b :p

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