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Quality of life update 3/12/2019

Vote shop changes!

[Image: d688cd9c5f85a86211de57a11da1ff78.png]

Small, Medium, and Large runecrafting pouches have been added to the vote point shop. Claimed and turned in Vote points are also now displayed in the quest point tab!

Target Teleport on Modern spellbook

[Image: be893bc9f14293f375fad0738b8c5e88.gif]

The target teleport previously did not work on the updated modern spellbook, this has been fixed and it will now work properly!

Astral Altar teleport (Moonclan Island)

[Image: e2d41942c6a64b59d784ce8f1a792892.gif]

The previous teleport for lands end has finally been replaced with the Astral runecrafting altar teleport!

Rare drops & ring of wealth tracking

[Image: b2477706a650ad02a1e1cb139bc82ff3.png]

The old rare drop announcement to the server simply looked like you got 2 of each rare drop, the server was just announcing the local map. This has been changed. The announcment message could be subject to change as far as color & crowns associated with the rare drops.

[Image: 4c484c71ab72ea67bc3b20788b439031.png]

A couple of typos have been fixed in the rare drop table tracking messages. These have been fixed to provide a simple, legible message.

Additonal updates and information:

Fixed doors at neitznot
Removed the random magic tree spawn on the opposite side of sire's map. (why was this even here. I want answers)
Updated hit delay timers on skotizo and tree spirit
Hardcore and regular ironmen can now open and buy items from the Revenant Cave Point shop.
Raids monster have been scaled down 60% for all party sizes-for the time being
Both the hats inside of the bounty hunter shop are now wearable
Updated the rare drop announcement to not announce some common items listed as rares from lower level npcs

Very nice, keep em coming

Amazing as always Kenny! Keep it up!!

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