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Helper application

In game name - sir ginger

Position desired after trial period? - helper

Time zone - EST

Hours spent playing in a week? - 10 hours or more. On work days 4 hours or less.

Total hours played - alot 

How often do you vote? - every day

How often do you use the Forums? - as much as i can

How often do you use the server Discord? - every day

Do you have experience as staff on other servers?- i have been moderator on few servers. Helper here on maplescape ❤

How do you support MapleScape besides JUST logging in? - i have been here since start and survived every reset/release

How do you feel you have impacted the MapleScape community? - i try to help new players as soon as i see they log in and i try to report bugs i find to kenny ❤

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