Combat Only Ironman
[Image: 34ngldc.png] - Combat Only Ironman

The Restriction:
All gear and resources are to be only supplies by killing Monsters.

Skills may still be leveled but no resources gathered may be kept.  Ex. Stealing from stalls/Pickpocketing to raise Thieving but all loot must be dropped.
This rule is in effect for all skills. 
Ex. Dropping all fish caught, all runes runecrafted.

Supplies used for certain skills such as but not limited to Needle, Thread, Knife or Fishing Rod may be purchased through the shops.

Items obtained from Skilling Achievement Rewards will not be kept, while rewards from combat related achievements will be utilized.

This forum is for me to document my progress as I work towards the final goal of completing a solo raid. 

Started: 03/03/2019
Last Updated: 03/04/2019

We first started off this account by going to Hill Giants and getting 43 Prayer.

[Image: 10dh5wh.png]

After obtained 43 Prayer we camped Fire Giants for a Dragon Scimitar which took much longer than anticipated.

[Image: rhsu85.png]

Since now we have some stats and a useful weapon, we dove straight into Wildy Slayer to get a Ring of Wealth to unlock a much needed drop table required for the success of the account.  This took a humble 3 task to obtain, and now we work towards imbueing.

[Image: 2dul5wo.png]

At this point, weve done a couple extra task and our stats are looking pretty scrumptious:

[Image: 2crw18k.png]

Now that our next goal to to get the imbued Ring of Wealth, ive been working on wildy slayer even more which has brought a ton of small gains that will help us a lot in the long run.

We got a Helm of Neitiznot from Mammoths along with some prayer potions.
We were also able to get a Rune Platebody and an Amulet of Glory!! from a Crystal Key.
One of the biggest and best unlocks came from Ankous, Both a Slayer Enchantment

[Image: slayerenchant.png]
DRAGON BOOTS from a casket dropped.
[Image: dboots.png]
And while we did a ton of Wildy Slayer obtaining these two items we were able to get enough points for the imbued Ring of Wealth.

[Image: rowi.png]

The next goals we will be working towards are gathering the items to start raising our range, and getting an imbued Slayer Helm.

Currently the Stats are:
99 Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints
78 Prayer, 74 Magic, 77 Slayer.
Love the idea and would love to see the progress. Good luck Iron Apex!

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