The Launch of MapleScape - Revamped!
Hello everyone, Its been quite some time since the last forums post. To keep things short, unfortunately we experience a huge down spike in the server population as well as the staff team becoming increasingly busy through these winter months. Updates were still happening, but far and few between & there was no real reason to post as the server felt "Dead".

A few weeks ago the decision was made to move on from the project that was, MapleScape, to advance and utilize a new base. This base has many new updates to the server and client allowing us to have a better, much more smooth experience. A TON of our old content has been revamped and introduced to the new base as well as much new content being added or under way! From our amazing slayer system and rewards to our custom quests and pets, there is something for everyone here at MapleScape. Cool

The revamped MapleScape has officially been launched this week! The entire community welcomes all of you and hopes you have nothing but the best experience while playing the server. We are all willing to listen to any feedback given & consider anything reported, even if its just a dislike, not a bug or player report! If you have previously donated Contact Kenny to receive donator points equivalent to what you spent in the past on the original project.

The toplists will be updated very soon to show and highlight plenty of our content standpoints and be linked here, Stay tuned!

I would personally like to thank anyone who has stuck with the community, influenced the change of base, helped test, or created graphics, topics, and helped the community grow into what it is now. I learn and gain inspiration from you guys every day.  Heart

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