Updates & changes 12/16/2018-12/19/2018
Staff promotion!
[Image: 8877ffc074a30f913f452d973043f658.png]
Vam8 in his natural habitat, restocking for the slayer grind..

Vam8 has been promoted to Moderator! I can assure everyone he is very well fitted for the position and has supported MapleScape in many ways for quite some time now. Congratulations Vam8! 

Wilderness Slayer rare drop table expansion

The Wilderness Slayer always had a rare drop table only available to hit while killing your wilderness slayer task. This was pretty lackluster and has seen a pretty nice expansion!

[Image: aadde6dda4d9b2132a63ffdf254520d0.png]

You can now receive Mysterious Emblem tier 2 - Mysterious Emblem tier 10 on top of the tier 1 that was already available! 

[Image: d7b720a12a162ea401d3ebbb229d444d.png]
To top it off the Imbued God Capes are now available through this rare drop table. These capes are VERY RARE but are very worth grinding as they are the BIS Magic Cape!

Salve amulet (E), (I), & (IE)

[Image: 0a69607ee387cc692c5dc97f17f2e706.png]

[Image: 4b6bc8edf52e51caa3f24299a7338e67.png]
The Salve Amulet can now be imbued by obtaining 350 slayer points and clicking the button in the picture above while there is a salve amulet or Salve amulet (e) in your inventory

[Image: 53dda39472e98b05314eb06291d8da7f.png]
You can enchant the Salve Amulet or salve amulet (i) by using a Slayer's Enchantment on either amulet. You can get the Slayer' Enchantment from Wilderness Slayer as well.

Additional information or changes

Vorkath is now counts as a Blue Dragon for slayer tasks  (12/14)
Salve Amulet updated
Salve amulet variants made equipable
Wilderness slayer task changes
Spawns at Wilderness GDZ fixed
Presents and Anti presents added to vote shop (Use on another player. Both haves have a  50/50 chance of getting a reward or to open an empty box!
Very nice update! thank you for the promotion Smile I won't let you down!

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