Vam8's Staff Application
In game name - Vam8

Position desired after trial period? - Helper/Moderator

Time zone - EST

Hours spent playing in a week? - I spend about 2-4 hours on average playing every day, but on Mondays and Tuesdays when I'm off work I play around 5-8 depending on IRL things I have to do on my days off.

Total hours played - 1,106 (46 days, 2 hours)

How often do you vote? - I used to vote twice a day but lately it has been once a day or every other day. Trying to get back on top of that though.

How often do you use the Forums? - I check the forums multiple times a day to see if there are any new topics and if there are I always read them and try to reply.

How often do you use the server Discord? - I am always on discord even if I'm at work. I always receive notifications anytime anyone posts on discord and I always read the messages and reply if needed.

Do you have experience as staff on other servers? -  Yes, I have held every position besides owner in the past, though it has been a few years since I have been staff or even wanted to be staff.

How do you support MapleScape besides JUST logging in? - I am constantly online checking to see if anyone needs help, I report all bugs I find immediately, I try to give suggestions for new content that I think would add more to MapleScape, I have tested new content numerous times.

How do you feel you have impacted the MapleScape community? - I feel that I have impacted the community in a positive way. Anytime someone needs help I always have tried to help to the best of my capabilities, I am active in the discord and on the forums. Even while I am at work I keep an eye on the discord constantly to see if anyone is in need of help or just up to chatting. I enjoy helping people with whatever they need, and I am always up to do raids or group bossing with people.
Your staff application has been approved. You will be contacted personally with further details.

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