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12/2/2018 Textures, Infernal cape/Infernal max cape, vote shop changes, and more

You must update your client to see most of the changes. 
You must update your client to see most of the changes. 
You must update your client to see most of the changes. 


When the OSRS #176 data was packed it unfortunately broke most of our textures in the game. This has been fixed in todays client update.

[Image: 9c99e253d53dae193304c4a52bfe3018.png]
Fishing spots
[Image: f2a942b392a16ce9ac9fecb9264685aa.png]
Webs (also the bountyrhunter interface has been re-implemented)
[Image: 2ce3706378bfd6d649b3a3a89106201b.png]

Infernal cape. Flowing textures, and more:

[Image: 4ae713c3f2776cc457f37a203fc38b86.gif]
While we had most textures, we didn't have support for the newest OSRS textures. This has been implemented in todays update allowing us to have the proper infernal & fire cape textures. This update also fixes updates like the mystic smoke staff. (red lava around the orb area)

[Image: 892ffa638c0d5c995cebb6c5020325c3.gif]
A particle system has been implemented. No particles currently added are permanent and many more items with different colors will come and go as maplescape advances!

Additional updates and information:

Rooftop agility now advances the agility achievements.
All ironman modes now have their own vote shop. Which will be expanded and tweaked as time goes on.
Ice demon snowstorm attack has been removed.
Inferno tweaked.
Began working on the Ironman Mystery Box
Runecrafting and Agility experience buffed.
2x experience ring added to vote shop for regular players. (Due to some balancing issues and/or bugs some skills currently do not receive the boost but will ASAP)

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