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New Player Starter Guide/Info

Welcome to MapleScape!

You're most likely reading this because you've joined our wonderful community and you are having trouble.  This guide will answer some of the more FAQ by new players like yourself.

How do I make money/get Items?
The first thing I tell new players is to either Thieve, or cut gems.  Thieving from the stall until 60 thieving and then stealing seeds from the Master Farmer and selling them is a great way to make some quick change. 
Secondly is cutting gems, buying uncuts from the crafting guy, cutting the gems, and then reselling it cuts back to him is pure profit.

If skilling isnt your thing, just jump right into slayer.  You can find multiple slayer masters at home that give you Easy, Medium, Hard, Boss and Wildy Slayer task.

What drops this, or what is the chance of this drop?
I am so glad you asked!  If you go to the quest tab and then click on the red star this will bring up an interface that allows you to search not only by NPC but by item.  It will show you what drops the item, and the chances of getting that item.

A couple of useful commands-

::Toggledrop - This toggles off/on the warning when alching/droping an item
::Vote - Opens up the voting mainpage
::Donate - Opens up the store to donate for items/rank
::Discord - Opens up the Maplescape discord server

Thank you for reading this small guide I put together, if you see something missing please let me know I will add it!


This is a good start to a guide. Maybe try throwing in some pictures of the different things you talk'd about Smile but a good start man

Maybe you could also refer to daily perks and other useful information for starters such as wilderness slayer giving 45 points and then 90 on tuesdays.

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