Since there is no IRL section, Ill just place this here.  its my personal hobby.

[Image: 2133m2h.jpg]

From Top to Bottom:
Colt Carbine 5.56 - Stamped Restricted Received (says for use by LEO or Government only) but completely legal to own as a private citizen. (Currently trying to sell to fund another project)

1943 Mosin Nagant - Probably one of the most fun and interesting guns I own currently.  The 18'' barrel in conjunction with a metal butt-plate make this thing a beast to shoot.  Its more fun watching other people shoot it then it is to shoot.  But the fireball and sound it makes it pure Freedom.

.50 Cal CVA Muzzleloader - Hunting Gun, nothing special

.22 LR Savage Mark II - My favorite gun.  Only because its accurate as hell, I added everything to it, and its just an absolute joy to shoot.

[Image: xfunop.jpg]

Sorry for the weird orientation but Tinypic was annoying me and I CBA...

This is my current Conceal Carry and EDC

Stock Glock 19 (stock for now)
Trex Arms Nova Belt
Trex Arms Sidecar Appendix Holster
Savoy Leather "We The People" Wallet

Hope you enjoyed.
I'm not much of a gun person but I do enjoy looking at them :'). Seems like you got a nice collection going! Loving the 1943 Moison Nagant.

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