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Pet guide/list

This thread is currently a work in progress.
This thread is currently a work in progress.
This thread is currently a work in progress.

Welcome to Kenny's pet guide! Many people have been asking ingame for the name of EVERY pet available and if they have a perk or not.. We have plenty of pets. Way too many to remember all the names and perks without messing them up... So I've created this list to help players and keep track myself since a new pet is always being released!

I will break these pets into sections; Limited time, Boss, Skilling, Minigame,  Misc (Raid chest, Clue scrolls, etc). 

Limited time:
Wise Old Man:
Released for: Veteran Event.
Perk: Currently being revamped.
[Image: 7eb8094b47f0259b2b28ebe0509b1695.png]

Jacky Jester
Released for: Halloween 
Perk: TBA
[Image: 3c28ebfdfde0a79030cf425348d67fc1.png]

Vam's Lugia:
Released for: Custom Donation for Vam8.
Perk: 10% Drop rate Boost
[Image: 5c2de575f19fc7d26a38f672ea077380.png]

Dropped from: Lugia
Perk 10% Drop rate boost.
[Image: 167b7ec7e3f7086f9e22ab4316a2d986.png]
General Graardor Jr
Dropped from: General Graardor (Bandos gwd)
[Image: ad74507fa9965960cc68c8735621d0cc.png]

Death Jr
Skill: Slayer
Perk: 5% drop boost while killing anything; 7% damage boost while killing your slayer task
[Image: 8f9b19e76c781698ba8b40f3e79c7bdb.png]

Guthan Jr
Dropped from: Guthan the Infested
[Image: aedd23af3fe73de05b4caf9facce70f1.png]

Dharok Jr
Dropped from: Dharok the Wretched
[Image: 64b22c321fa98ba167f8e69cfcab6f3a.png]

Torag Jr
Dropped from: Torag the Corrupted
[Image: e77dc43e20b9455ca151606a1df5decc.png]


Thank you for guide Kenny.

Would love to see this continue to be updated. <3

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