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Need some opinions

I am looking to expand or revamp the following rewards options currently listed and would love your input! 

  1. Expand slayer point store
  2. Expand and revamp PKP shop
  3. Revamp super mystery box loots (Common and uncommons to further differ from mystery boxes)
  4. Bounty hunter point store
  5. Common and Uncommon raid rewards
I am open to include any reasonable reward to whichever but will not be doing things like Twisted Bow inside of the Slayer Point store. Thank you!

Homer pet from everything

I would love to see the slayer store expanded, I think some of the items that I included in my latest item suggestions could be really cool to see in the shop and in game.
I don't use the pk store at all so I might be biased but I think its pretty much okay. Maybe just add like whip and darkbow? Maybe dragon darts and arrows?
Would be cool to see new stuff in mystery boxes but I have no clue what would be good to add.
4. Bounty store is pretty okay but I would actually like to see a way to upgrade emblems without pking (wildy slayer or bosses)

I can't agree with the whip due to it being such high value to new players, eco has to stay the way it is if whips were in game more then whips would drop down to 100k. Who really wants that ? Darkbow is pretty useless I can agree with that. But dragon arrows and darts, with the use of raids being in play more often I don't agree, people need those for twisted bow, and for better hits with BP dragon darts.
Bounty store and emblems are meant for everything wildy, if you want to upgrade emblems just PK for them. Find someone in game that's willing to pk , for example me and Majin are almost always willing.

would love to see more items in pk and vote shop thank you

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