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  Porazdir boss, Dawnbringer, Avernic Defender & more!
Posted by: Kenny - 7 hours ago - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

Porazdir & Dawnbringer preview

[Image: a00d85f35d15e90d48f8dd07a61da0dd.gif]

Porazdir is a great beast of currently unknown origin. This beast has great power & his appearance in the MapleScape world suggests something is going wrong..

This boss has 3 attack styles all of which have a max hit of 37.
-Melee style attacks are used most often. These hits can hit through prayer but will have reduced damage.
-Magic attacks are also used by Porazdir. This attack can 100% be deflected with prayer.
-The special attack being the least common attack of this boss can not be avoided with any type of prayer.

Porazdir drop table 

[Image: 3847af6c8089be9505e4bb9574de870c.gif]

Porazdir is located in deep wilderness. To quickly find Porazdir I suggest you teleport to Lava Dragons and running slightly north west. 

Changes & updates

The Ice Diamond exchange is now in-game. The shop is located inside of the sponsor/vip zone bank(5/21/2019 stand-alone update)

Finished Diaries now display green in the achievement tab

Diaries Completed is now properly tracked & displayed on the bottom of the achievement tab
-Anyone who has some of these completed already will have to contact Kenny & he will manually update your tracker. Any diary finished from here on out is tracked automatically.
-Claiming the reward for completing an Elite Diary now updates your achievement tab without having to log out

Fixed thieving stalls in the sponsor/vip zone

Crafting shop has had most stock extended to 50000 rather than 2500 items

A weaker dragonfire that can be 100% countered with one or more of the following; Antifire shield, Dragonfire shield, Anti-fire potion, Extended anti-fire potion
-This weaker dragonfire is now used by REGULAR green, blue, red & black dragons. 
-Metal & Brutal dragons use the stronger version of the dragonfire requiring 2 OR MORE of the methods listed above

Avernic defender can now be created by using the Avernic Hilt on a Dragon Defender

Dawnbringer staff & spell has been added
-Dawnbringer is similar to a Trident of the Seas/Swamp but without requiring to be charged
-Dawnbringer has base max hit of 37 (base means before any damage multipliers or boosts have been applied)
-Dawnbringer requires 90 Magic to use. If you have 90+ magic but have your Magic reduced via NPC or Saradomin Brew you will need to restore your Magic level to cast this spell.
-1/6 chance of restoring 2 prayer points while using the Dawnbringer in combat

Porazdir boss has been added 
-3 attack styles; Melee, Magic, & an unavoidable special attack
-When Porazdir goes below half health he has a chance to restore 84-168 hp
-+500 extra Range Defence as well as -250 Magic Defence has been added to Porazdir. Range can still be used as an effective method this change simply provides balance
-Porazdir is intended to be a high hp, low overall defence, & high risk boss providing some great rewards
-Can be soloed but suggested to duo or group boss

Revenant & Vorkath drop rates have been revamped

Extended cap amount of Consecutive tasks from 150 to 500. Tasks streaks after 250 provide large amounts of points

Two new wilderness teleports have been added
-Teleport to the Lava dragon entrance
-Teleport to demonic ruins

Godsword Ornament kits now work properly

All Ornamental godswords now have the proper special attack

Anti-Venom & Anti-venom+ immunity timers have been updated

Vps Database migration

Our VPS provider will be migrating their VPS database location, unfortunately this means we will be receiving a small amount of downtime. They have also moved this migration to a sooner date than originally stated, that date being tomorrow. They have moved the migration to tomorrow evening/night simply because it is a holiday night & they expect the least amount of traffic to peoples servers meaning minimal effect on the users end. 
The migration will take place on : Monday, May 27th 2019, 17:00 to 07:00 CST

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  MapleScape Official Rules
Posted by: Kenny - 05-19-2019, 04:23 PM - Forum: Rules - No Replies

MapleScape Official Rules
1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content
(First offense: 12-24 hour mute, Second offense: 2-7 day mute, Third and final offense: Permanent mute.)
Here at MapleScape, we have a community that contains a a large variety of different races, ethics, sexual orientations, etc. It is important that we preserve and protect each other and that we ensure equality throughout MapleScape.
a. The use of inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another’s race, belief system, mental health, ethics, or sexual orientation is not tolerated. We expect our members to be courteous towards one another. We suggest using the Ignore System to block peoples messages that have or are actively breaking this rule.
b. Any message sent via the yell command, public chat, or clan chat that is deemed inappropriate, demeaning, or disrespectful per a staff member’s discretion is not permitted and will correspond with the punishments stated above.
c.  Inappropriate, slanderous or disrespectful language within a players user name towards another's race, belief system, ethics, or sexual orientation is not permitted.  Players who fail to comply to this rule will be offered a free name change if they decline this the account will be permanent banned. This will be very clearly stated when the name change is offered.

2. Advertising
(First offense: 24 hour muteFinal offense: Permanent ban.)
~ Advertisement of another RSPS is strictly prohibited. ~
a. Widespread, ordinary links (eg. YouTube, Voting pages, Gyazo/imgur/lightshot links) are acceptable and will oftentimes be allowed, granted one does not take advantage of this.
b. Discussing other active servers in-game and/or on the forums is strictly prohibited. You may discuss any RSPS that is not online that you & your friends may have played in the past. 
c. Direct advertisement will not be tolerated on our server. (ex. "Come PK me on MapleScape, I have better gear on there!", "I'll give you free items if you come play MapleScape."). 

3. Spamming
(First offense 12-24 hour mute, Second Offense: 2-7 day mute, Third Offense: Permanent mute.)
a. An auto-typer is permitted in public chat. However, one must have at least 7 second intervals between each message with or without an auto typer.
b. High tiered donator ranks receive very short yell timers; This can be utilized but if staff determines your messages as spam you may receive a warning then mute.

4. Malicious Links, Hacking, and violent Threats
Sharing of malicous links or content is taken seriously. We expect all links shared on our server to be safe content. Any link or content deemed malicious will be taken down immediately.
Failure to comply with this rule will result in A PERMANENT BAN from the community.
Any form of hacking will result in A PERMANENT BAN from the community.
Threats that will put a member’s livelihood, security, personal information, and reputation at risk will result in A PERMANENT BAN from the community.

a. Threatening to or actively partaking in the DDoS a member of the community will not be tolerated, whether you are joking or not. Players found doing this will be punished. First offenders will receive a 72 Hour Mute/Ban, followed by a 1-week IP-Mute or IP-Ban, and ultimately the player will be MAC banned on their 3rd offense. Depending on the seriousness of the offense you may be MAC banned before you reach offense number 3.

5. Punishment Evasion
Punishments that are assigned to members are given to further better the MaplScape community. We strive to maintain a stable and fair environment. With that being said, those who evade will not be dealt with lightly; if a member feels as if they were wrongly punished, they can go about it the right way by appealing and constructively stating their case. If one evades, it will result in a ban or an IP-Ban, depending on the magnitude of the situation.
6. Real World Trading
The act of purchasing/selling goods or services (accounts, real-life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, Gift cards, or attempting to trade for items on other Servers/games) is not prohibited. These trades are often times sktechy & result in hacks scams. We will not be held responsible for a scam or hacking. Failure to comply will result in the seller being permanently banned, followed with an IP-Ban the second time around. As for the buyer, a 72-hour ban with a complete bank wipe will be arranged, granted it was the first offense. Any offence here-after will result in a permanent ban.
MapleScape Disclaimer: If caught/reported attempting to Real-world trade can be punished by staff. Punishments of attempts may be taken more lightly if the staff member so chooses, but usually they will be the same punishments as actually committing the offence
7. Account Sharing
We DO ALLOW account sharing but all players should be warned this is AT YOUR OWN risk & we will not be held responsible for any missing items, ruined or stolen accounts. If your account is hacked as a result of account sharing the staff team will investigate the issue to remove the person of malicious intent from the community. However, your items may not be returned to your account if they are missing.

8. Multi-Logging
Multi-logging is not against the rules of MapleScape, as we do allow players to be logged into multiple accounts at once. However, The number accounts one player is permitted to have online at one time is 3!

9. Encouraging Others to Break Rules
Members that are somehow encouraging others to break a rule whether or not the enticed member understands that specific rule will receive a 24-48 hour mute or ban, depending on the extremity or severity of the rule.

10. Bug Abuse
Abuse of a bug or glitch that allows a member to somehow have an advantage over another member or the server itself is not tolerated. We strive to better & grow the MapleScape community each and every day. With that said, we ask all players to report any bugs or glitches as soon as they are found; if tampered with after, a Permanent ban may be issued.

a. Boss manipulation (safespotting) is the act of maneuvering a boss into a position where it cannot properly perform its functions and/or mechanics. The usage of safespot methods not available on Oldschool Runescape will not be tolerated. People caught breaking this rule will serve one hour in jail, followed by 5 hours in jail, with the ending result being a permanent ban.

11. Refunds (Scams, Disconnects etc.)
a. Experiencing a disconnect while PvM or PvP will not be refunded, unless directly stated by a member of staff that the server or that member of staff is at fault.
b. Donations will only be refunded if the player has not been given their items or position (forums, server) after 72 hours; otherwise, a refund is not required. Items that have been claimed through our donation system will not be refunded.
c. Reset of the server and/or forums will be refunded if the player has posted valid proof of their purchase otherwise, a refund is not required.
d. Scammed members will not be refunded because we provide effective methods to avoid being scammed, such as using a middleman (Helper, Moderator, Trusted Member, etc). Please note that we do not accept photo evidence people being scammed. (Screenshots, picture of screen from phone etc). One must provide video evidence, or it can not be handled. Please do note that scammers will be punished with a permanent ban on their first offense, followed up by an IP-Ban or MAC ban for offenses there after.
- Scams in the form of trading or gambling will be refunded if the user has proper proof as stated above. 
- Changing agreed-upon rules or switching weapons (Staff of the dead + spec in a dds fight) in a duel is considered scamming regardless of who wins the duel. 
f. Items, Account Status, or loss of experience caused by a glitch will only be refunded if the member has enough proof and has proof of containing the items prior to the occurrence of the glitch.

12. Player versus Player (PvP)
MapleScape is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected etc., while in the wilderness. The wilderness, or 'No man's land', if you will, for the most part, has no restrictions; hence why it can be referred to as 'No man's land'. However, we do have a few rules:

a. PvP-Farming will be an automatic Permanent ban with no chance of appeal on all accounts involved, followed up by an IP-Ban.

b. Luring is allowed for the most part. The few exceptions to this rule are members cannot attempt to lure via world yell or servers clan chats such as MapleScape and Help. Attempting to lure staff by asking for help whilst in the wilderness or anything else that involves blatant deception will result in a ban. 
c. Ragging is prohibited in Edge, MapleScape's definition of a ragger is one who consistently goes out of their way to disrupt someone's experience in the wilderness by attacking them repeatedly. All ragging reports must be reported with sufficient video proof. First offenders will be jailed, followed by a 24-hour ban, with an ending result of a permanent ban.
13. Yell System
a. Flaming, flame-baiting, and trolling via world yell will not be tolerated. On top of the standardized punishment (see rule 1), the wrongdoer's right to world yell will be revoked temporarily or indefinitely, depending on the severity of the text.
b. Luring members over world yell is prohibited and can result in the revoking of access to world yell temporarily or indefinitely, depending on the severity of the text.
c. Advertising videos or forums content related to MapleScape is allowed with breaks of at least 3 minutes. If you are the ONLY PLAYER yelling & you spam the world yell with the same link, this may be considered SPAMMING.
d. AFK yelling is only allowed but if the player has been AFK for a long duration of time they may be kicked.
e. Anything that can be seen as intentional spam in yell is a muteable offense, The first offense will result in a 1-hour yell-mute followed up by a 24-hour yell-mute with the ending result being a 7-day yell-mute.

14. Clan Chats
a. Members cannot attempt to lure via world yell or the MapleScape and Help clan chats. The first offense will result in a 24-hour ban followed up by a 72-hour ban with the ending result being a 7-day ban.
b. Anything that can be seen as an intentional disturbance inside clan chats is a muteable or bannable offense. The first offense will result in a 1-hour mute followed up by a 24-hour mute the ending result being a week long ban.
15. Invading Other Communities

Invading other communities will result in a Permanent removal from the entirety of MapleScape with no chance of appeal. Here on MapleScape, we are firm advocates of displaying perpetual, irrefutable integrity. We have the utmost respect for each and every RSPS community and only wish them well.

16. VPN Voting
Any use of changing your IP-address to vote will not be tolerated whatsoever on MapleScape.
VPN voting goes against many of the Top-lists terms of service, which can result in the removal of MapleScape from the Top-lists.
Those who fail to comply with this rule will first receive a 24-hour ban, followed by a 48-hour ban with a bank wipe (*) issued to all accounts involved, followed by a Permanent ban and finally, an IP-ban.

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  Unscheduled update 5/14/2019
Posted by: Kenny - 05-14-2019, 04:25 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

This update includes some things that have recently been brought to my attention and/or that I have been working on, on the side. I hope you all can find something in this small update that makes the game more enjoyable.

Fixed some issues with Desert diaries not being able to be completed

Added unlockable #NoLife title for players who have maxed

Chance to receive a slayer pet has been reduced from 1/27950 to 1/15640 (Subject to change if this begins to feel TOO common)

Chance to receive Imbued God Capes from Wilderness Slayer has been cut in half (now 1/6392)

You can no longer get duplicate Imbued God capes if you already have the specific Cape/Max cape variant.

Daily Points now display in the quest tab so you no longer have to guess or keep track of your total points

Npc Death kill tracker will now track EVERY npc killed with a combat level of 1 or above

Aberrant Spectres FINALLY count towards task & have been readded as obtainable task

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  Revamped skilling zone & much more. 5/13/2019
Posted by: Kenny - 05-13-2019, 06:28 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (2)

Download it from the homepage or link below!!

[Image: ddc0e37c5e7a303df1a69ed3de22c3ea.gif]

Full list of updates and changes

Silk stalls have been added to the .cfg so they are no longer "permantely depleted" after being depleted one time

Tutorial text & teleport locations have finally been changed to accompany the changes we have made to the home

Max Cape inventory options have been changed - (New client needed)

Dwarven Rock Cake guzzle option now works properly

New Skilling area has been implemented- (New client needed)
-Most things included in the teleport zone
-To fish you must run EAST

Random npc spawns removed form zeah beach

Prestige system has been indefintely removed, this will not be seeing a return
-There is no reasonable rewards I can think of to influence people to actually prestige without ruining the integrity of the game
-Maxing some skills takes a large amount of dedication, especially on Challenge Mode. Most people DO NOT want to reset these stats to begin with.
-Alternatively, Bonus XP stacks make some skills extremely fast & this could make it extremely easy to farm points for certain rewards & leave other players in the dark about which skills they grinded to farm these points 

Small changes made to home map
-Skilling location dirt coloring changed
-Stone tiles around the Fishing spots
-Poll booth removed
-Thieving stalls at home have been moved south, near the home fishing spots

Enoch now opens the Vote Point shop

The Teleport Wizard has been re-added to home
-I previously thought people would PREFER to use the spellbook to teleport, but most people are now accustomed to using an npc teleport on most servers and became confused when joining us
-You can still use the spellbook if you wish at this time, But this feature may be removed and have the city teleports function properly.

A couple of Admin commands have been made owner only. (No concerns of abuse are the cause of this. But due to possible bugs that could be take place on the Admin account)

Mage of Zamorak has had the right click options changed to match what they actually do. (New client needed)

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Posted by: axife - 05-07-2019, 08:44 PM - Forum: Report a bug - Replies (2)

So this is just a quick list of bugs and stuff I've encountered since joining. Figured id post it now.

max cape only has % chance for double resource collecting.. when original is 100%.. why?

no master farmers to pickpocket for diaries in falador and ardougne. nvm thx Kenny :-)

no wizard to teleport you to essence mine in falador? nvm..

cannot enter barbarian agility course for diaries? nvm thx Kenny :-)

when receiving double resources, only counts as 1 for diaries?

prayer shows active prayers when none are active?

max cape wont teleport to most boss tasks?

when completing master clue scrolls, having no prayer points left stops you completing the clue.

cannot mine silver in crafting guild? (not a big deal? does it even have a use?)

hunter shows level 1?

some skills show the xp of another skill?

can we make max cape emote the teleport animation for max cape owners/wearers? (would just be a cool perk)

max cape variants, (fire max cape) don't have same options as regular? (to show bonuses)

no fletching options for redwoods? (not a big deal) just makes them rather useless.

redwoods are worthless to general store.. no point cutting them really..

tree spirit queen doesn't show on minimap? yellow dot.

Diary for Fremennik is spelt wrong. Fremmnik..

mole doesn't give boss kc?

when selling items back to shops, they often tell you an incorrect price.

cannot thiev from ardougne silk stalls for achievement diary.

edit: rune pouch will also 'destroy' runes when you try to add them to your pouch..
when you already have say 10 death runes in your pouch then click to add more death runes from inventory, you will still only have 10 death runes in your pouch and you lose runes from inventory.

when attacking enemies, usually in 'multi' combat areas. They freeze up and wont move? making bursting annoying and way less efficient.

the drop rate bonus pet from the custom quest says 2.5% drop rate.. but only gives 2% drop rate?

can we change the option when you left click on a pet and change it from pickup to something else? makings it annoying when pvming n stuff.

Daily tasks for monsters like abyssal demons don't count the ones in catacombs, can both be added or tasks clarified.

One of the max cape perks is that it reduces the time it takes for seeds to grow. This does not seem to work.

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  Small general update 5/7/2019
Posted by: Kenny - 05-07-2019, 07:24 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (2)

First I would like to apologize in the delay of updates the last few weeks. While there have been a few very small updates to fix major issues or inconveniences that may have appeared, those have not been properly logged or announced. I have had a lot going on IRL & just haven't had the same amount of time i normally do to dedicate these last few weeks. While things are returning to the normal schedule, I will try to bring the updates in bigger batches rather than multiple small updates, after the update today of course.

I would also like to again thank everyone that supports MapleScape in any way. Even if you just play for 20 minutes after a long day at work you are appreciated.  Heart

Now for the Juicy updates & changes!

Abberant/Deviant Spectre task has been converted to Deviant Spectre's only

Most Ore Veins have had their depletion rate doubled (Could take twice as long to mine)
-Rune ore, Amethyst have just been raised from 0 -> 2. 
-Gem rock unchanged

Earth warriors have had a droptable added

Elder Chaos druid attack animation fixed & drop table updated

Aberrant/Deviant sepctres attack/block/death animations have been fixed

Ironmen can now sell items to the Ironman Store for 47% of the items original cost. This is less 20% less than normal players sell-back price. 


The vote point and PKP shops are now handled differently to reduce confusion & possible bugs or exploits.

-You no longer have to turn the tickets in to be able to buy items from the shops.

-You can now buy Vote & Pk tickets from the shop with points already saved on your account

The amount of herbs, arrows, and runes received from raids has been recently re-buffed. Thank you for the feedback.

Silk stall in Ardy now works. (20 thieving required, 24 base experience per steal, 1/44000 chance of receiving Rocky Pet)

The Ardounge Diaries have had the Pickpocket Master Farmer task changed to Steal Silk
-This change is to accompany the fact that Normal players can no longer pickpocket the Master Farmer for seeds.

Price of some items in PKP have been adusted or fixed

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  Slayer update! 4/16/2019
Posted by: Kenny - 04-16-2019, 07:29 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

New slayer master!
[Image: 2e51f1e963f29ebb7a17897ab2ea03ac.gif]

Vannaka will now give players anything between easy, medium, and some hard tasks. This master will also introduce in a few new tasks into the game. You must have 40 combat and 25 slayer to talk to or get tasks from Vannaka

Slayer task changes!
[Image: c22090cf4d999363176ceab3bee0e5d8.png]
Tasks from all masters excluding Nieve have had some tasks removed, new tasks have been added, and all tasks have been extended. Our slayer tasks were fairly short before this update and rewarded such large amounts of points especially on Double Slayer tuesday. This update will make slayer a much more balanced skill as far as levels, rewards & difficulty. Many tasks have also been rearranaged so that they go with the proper master depending on slayer & combat level needed to unlock each master.

Karmabwan & Karambwanji fishing!

[Image: cbee2b3bf03a2584d49cb440681931ea.gif]
Karambwan fishing has always been a pain, not so much anymore! You no longer have to load the vessel to fish the karambwanji nor do you have to do it one at a time. Karambwanji now acts as bait when you have the regular vessel in your inventory as well.

Additonal Updates & Information:

Fixed bandos VIP teleport

Moved Mage of Zamorak spawn to Edgeville

Added fishing spots to the home fishing area - Karambwanji, shrimp, trout/salmon, lobster/swordfish, Ice Diamond (sponsor+ content)

Changed how the :Confusedpz and ::vip commands are handled

Karambwan fishing no longer requires a loaded karambwan vessel. Just buy a karambwan vessel & have Karambwanji in inventory as bait!

Can no longer use karambwanji on a vessel to create a loaded vessel

New sponsor+ fishing spot has been added to home. This fishing spot gives Ice Diamonds which will soon be traded in or gambled for awesome rewards! This spot has the best chance of a Heron pet but worst Exp ingame.

Prices of bonus books balanced 

Ultra Mystery box tables have been updated

20+ item defintions have been updated

Discovering Destructive magics now gives 1x large lamp instead of 2x small lamps

You now always get 2 loots from Raids. Either 2 common rewards or 1 rare & 1 common loot at the same time

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  Changes to Edgeville, Client update, Bonus books expanded & more!
Posted by: Kenny - 04-16-2019, 01:50 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

 Fairly big Client update!

You can download the new client from the homepage or from the link below

Changes to Edgeville!

[Image: 23da7a6588c99e373282026b404d0884.gif]

I have recently purchased a Map Editor and have been spending many hours learning how to use the tools inside & when. I deeply felt our Home are needed some customization but also feel that Edgeville is very familar to players & a comfortable place to begin your grind. With these things in mind I have made changes to the Edgeville map that makes it much more community friendly but keeps most of the original buildings & paths. You can see a list with the majority of the changes below.

This is my first map edit, ever. I understand some things may not be the best but I have quite a few hours into learning with/'perfecting' this map & this map may be updated or changed in the future. I am open to all feedback and criticism. Thank you. <3

List of logged changes to the client/cache;

New boss - Be patient you'll get to fight it soon!

New gear - ^^

Some items have been renamed (Bonus books, Experience lamps etc)

Edgeville map has been customized & updated-Simple yet clean & effective includes;

-New edgeville bank setup & tile design

-Evil daves house removed & replaced with a custom fenced in area to house our trading post!

-3 out of 4 of the remaining building located in edgeville have had their tiles updated to look more appealing

-Coffins removed from the structure south of edgeville bank

-Stone wall gaps created/removed inside of the structure as well

-A small lake, more trees, & mineable rocks have been added south of edgeville bank-These will remain as starter level skilling options, higher tier content found elsewhere

-Most useless minimap icons in edgeville have been removed & proper useful ones have been placed

-Decrotive capes have been added to around Edgeville

-Objects inside of the trading post area will all have functions, Currently only one does.

Wilderness Lever found in edgeville has been renamed

Fixed issues with walkable/unwalkable tiles inside of the woodcutting guild & near the 50-ish wilderness fence, close to the fountain of rune

Teal lugia removed & replaced with purple lugia with skyblue accents

All lugia pets have been downsized

Trading post object inside of edgeville bank removed

Heatmap link removed

The button that previously linked you to the heatmap page now takes you to the Vote Page!

Helper/Info crown has been replaced with a less bulky looking but similar crown

Sever update

The updates to the live server all accommodate the client update & finish off some loose end content & expand on the recently released Bonus Books. 

[Image: 4f398a689fdb75013c288d87564cf12d.gif]

List of updates & changes:

30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, and 3 hour Double Drop books have been implemented

15 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, and 3 hour bonus XP books have been implemented

Fixed multiple daily tasks (dragonstones, barrows chest, etc)

Updated shop prices of all bonus XP/Dobule drop books

Slayer masters moved to accompany the designated slayer area/mapicon added in the edgeville map update

A timer is now displayed when using a bonus book of any kind-Timer will dissapear when you log out but he boost STAYS until you log in & finish off the time saved to your account

Heatmap system removed

Updated maps have been added server sided to support pathing/clipping

Vannaka slayer master spawn added to accompany upcoming slayer update

Updated the message & crown displayed when a player received an agility pet

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  Bonus books & Quality of Life updates/bug fixes 4/13/2019
Posted by: Kenny - 04-13-2019, 10:13 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

unfortunately this is another small update but does include some nice content. I planned to have more done before today so that today's update could be fairly chunky but due to my schedule it just didn't turn out like that. None-the-less I am sure most of you will appreciate & enjoy this update!

Bonus books have been added!

[Image: 8301065ba555c96d47d262ebe6b62ffc.gif]

Bonus books are traded or claimed & can be obtained a number of ways but the most efficient way is; The vote shop! There are currently 2 types of books available; Bonus XP (30 minutes) or Double drop (15 minutes)

The Bonus XP book gives a 35% XP boost, for 30 minutes, when claimed & does stack with other types of XP boosts. 

The Double Drop book gives you Double drops (2 loots 1 kill EXCEPT for items that ALWAYS DROP like bones) for 15 minutes. 

You can claim an unlimited amount of these books at once to stack up say; An hour of Double Drops to grind without stopping!

Additional Changes & information:

Superior spawns have had their spawn rate decreased from 1/195 to 1/125

Fixed an issue with Daily Tasks not resetting

You can no longer sell items to the Daily Point shop

Rogue chest runite ore loot has been nerfed & is no longer noted

Daily Manager spawn has been re-added to the homebank. Was removed due to an unacceptable bug that has since been fixed.


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  4/9/2019 Update #2; Bug fixes & QoL
Posted by: Kenny - 04-09-2019, 11:38 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

I did not want to push this small of an update out again without finishing one pieces of big content I have been working on/planning out, but nonetheless some things just need to happen! Cheers everyone.

Updates & changes

Fixed the task not counting for the daily task to fish 175 raw sharks

Fixed the price of degraded items. (Cost for say 0% & 100% were backwards and so on for every number inbetween)

Marble Gargoyle Attack and death animation have been updated

All skilling sets multipliers for challenge mode have had their skilling set multipliers modified to match the previous skilling set update for regular & iron accounts

Most bar drops through out the game have been modified

Clan chat logging has been improved

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