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Forum: Goals and Accomplishments
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Yesterday, 01:13 PM
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Public Apology.
Forum: General Discussion
Last Post: Kenny
11-14-2018, 10:13 PM
» Replies: 1
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Public apology, QOL, cont...
Forum: Updates
Last Post: Kenny
11-13-2018, 03:51 PM
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Forum: Suggestions
Last Post: bendy straw
11-09-2018, 08:36 AM
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Download link
Forum: Suggestions
Last Post: Tez
11-07-2018, 12:32 PM
» Replies: 0
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QoL update 11/4/2018
Forum: Updates
Last Post: Vam8
11-06-2018, 10:51 PM
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Pet guide/list
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11-06-2018, 10:50 PM
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Introduction for Richard
Forum: Introductions
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11-06-2018, 10:45 PM
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Revenants, Rev caves, Fix...
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11-01-2018, 09:57 PM
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Rev caves, Newest OSRS da...
Forum: Updates
Last Post: Kenny
10-30-2018, 10:47 PM
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  Every Pet Goal
Posted by: Blowin - 11-15-2018, 03:26 AM - Forum: Goals and Accomplishments - Replies (3)

Howdy from Mod Blowin!

Needed something different to work towards so I decided to go for every pet I can possibly think of here at Maplescape. I am not positive on EVERY pet here at Maplescape yet obviously, but I will list as many as I can possibly think of. Would be awesome to get a few people doing this aswell! I will break them down in categories to make it easier to follow. Thank and enjoy! 



Skilling Pets
Grey Chinchompa
Red Chinchompa
Black Chinchompa
Air Rune Guardian
Mind  Rune Guardian
Water Rune Guardian
Earth Rune Guardian
Fire Rune Guardian
Body Rune Guardian
Cosmic Rune Guardian
Chaos Rune Guardian
Astral Rune Guardian
Nature Rune Guardian
Law Rune Guardian
Death Rune Guardian
Blood Rune Guardian
Soul Rune Guardian
Rocky (Thieving)
Rock Golem (Mining)
Heron (Fishing)
Giant Squirrel (Agility)
Tangleroot (Farming)
Beaver (Woodcutting)
Phoenix (Firemaking)

Boss Pets
General Graardor
K'ril Tsutsaroth
Chaos Elemental
Prince Black Dragon
Scorpia's Offspring
Callisto Cub
Venenatis Spiderling
Vet'ion Jr
Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth Supreme
Dagannoth Rex
Abyssal Orphan
Smoke Devil
Kalphite Princess
Dark Core

Minigame Pets
Penance Queen

Misc. Pets
Death Jr
Jacky Jester
Torag Jr
Guthan Jr
Dharok Jr
Wise Old Man
Chompy Chick

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  Public Apology.
Posted by: Travis - 11-14-2018, 02:57 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

As most of you already know, I have been IP-banned for something that has been one sided due to not being able to explain my side (Nothing towards Kenny, as he didn't know my side). First of all I'd like to apologize for the donation store being shut down and affecting the players who like to donate and help keep the server up. I truly do feel bad. I didn't ever mean to make this happen. I was using the wrong credit card for awhile and I had no idea that it wasn't mine as it was my moms and our cards look the exact same and apart from a few digits very hard to tell the difference. To her surprise over the past month when she got her monthly statement she sees more than $250+ towards a paypal that she has no idea what's for. So being a concerned person she obviously calls the credit card company and files a claim, I had zero idea that this was happening otherwise I would've told kenny before hand that money will be removed from his account and I'll do what I can to fix the problem. By the time I knew what was happening I heard it from Kenny first with the public announcement that I've been IP banned for such actions which I do take responsibility for because I have no one to blame but myself. I told my mom that it was me, but by the time I did the money was already removed from Kennys hands. I sincerely apologize to who it affected, but mainly apologize to Kenny for how inconvenient and stupid it was of me for this to happen.

Moving forward, the "bug abuse", was more of a simpler way in my mind to gain exp. Not much of a bug. I used a firemaking "bug" to make it so I didn't have to move around as much. Kenny knew I was using this and didn't state it as much of a problem.

On-top of that, I know I most likely won't get un-banned but I wanted to make my peace and explain the story. 

kindest regards.

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  Public apology, QOL, content preparation and preview 11/09/2018-11/13/2018
Posted by: Kenny - 11-13-2018, 03:51 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

Few pictures missing until i can grab them after todays update, i apologize.

As most of you know I recently paid another client developer to pack the newest OSRS data for us. We outsourced this for a few reasons. For some reason I ALWAYS encounter problems packing bulk models, I did not have access to the newest OSRS cache in 317 format, and Our client also needed some work to render/load some of the newer maps and things. When the developer completed this service, I saw most things worked and rushed the release so I could release the Revenant Caves in games which I have been working on and had mostly done for a few months now.

With this rushed release came some Client issues which I am accepting full responsibility for. These issues are currently being resolved as quickly as I can resolve them or get them resolved by the developer who should have had these double checked and fixed before sending me a finished product. I have been hosting small events in game to try and help compensate for such issues. I am sorry, thank you for being patient with me.

On to this juicy content I been working on involving the last years worth of OSRS data.

Dragon Crossbow
[Image: 356c56430405a68f7e2e32cd9da09326.gif]

This still needs a little work as far as adding the Dragon bolt variants and allowing only the DCB to use them, but I plan on releasing this and content to introduce it in game ASAP.

Anguish and Torture ornament Kits
[Image: 2781fe35a4070e801b050546a1954038.png]

[Image: cf1697a0c024cdff5196d2ae910fd32e.png]

The ornament kits were introduced to the Master Clue Scroll rewards on 11/13/2018. Use the kit on an amulet of torture or necklace of anguish to up your fashion!

Raids Challenges and Achievements!

New achievements are being added when the fixed client is released allowing players to not only have something else to grind, but obtain some sweet perks.

Raids challenge Capes
[Image: eca7b0c9a9c6b0e38d30b2b0e95fd6ea.png]

New Raid challenge pets!
[Image: 76cf7ac2e60a482823065bb4a411f2ec.png]

Some of these challenges will be based off of Raids completed. People who I know have raided a lot in the past will be compensated with 25-50 raids on their count. This compensation will be done by hand, if you feel I have missed you feel free to contact me in game. Chances are I have just not gotten to your username yet.

Weapon Animations;

When it comes to finding proper animations or GFX i'm a straight noob. I'll admit it. I still get the job done so no harm, no foul, right?

I recently had Vam8 assist me in cycling through about 4000 animations to find the proper attack animations for a few weapons. While some are inoperable animations until our client data is properly repacked I did find some of the animations I was looking for!

Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe

Scythe of Vitur

Addtional updates and information:

Logging system has been improved.
Shop/Protection values of recently implemented items has been raised. (PvP items and gear, Wilderness weapons, etc)
Vesta and Statius sets revamped to match new OSRS stats instead of our previous custom stats
Bastion and Battlemage drinking implemented. (working on making potions and finding a proper way to implement them)
Began doing general drop table revamps to slightly change the direction of the Economy 
Buffed VIP zone drop rate boost by 2%
Reverted to an old, previously used Achievement interface
Increased object clicking distance on some objects around the game. (dark altar, rejuvenation pool, etc)
Hardcore Ironmen now have instanced GWD dungeons just alike normal ironmen
Close button on Ultra Mystery Box function implemented

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  Download link
Posted by: Tez - 11-07-2018, 12:32 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

The download link needs to be more clear on the homepage.

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  QoL update 11/4/2018
Posted by: Kenny - 11-04-2018, 06:19 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (2)

These small things definetely better the experience of the game and prevent bugs or an unhappy experience with the content addressed. Nothing special just a list. 

Slightly buffed craws bow, viggoras chainmace

Worn item operate for chainmace and sceptre

Inventory option check now works for bow, chaincemace, sceptre

Disabled looting bag

Lowered the attack on revenenant dragon and knight

Fixed the pre-olm entrance (had to be in a certain spot for it to work)

Small infenro fixes (Jal-akrek minis aggro & immunity to certain damage, cap on energy able to be drained, general attack style fixes)

Fixed an issue with wing certifcate

Current Revenant Droptable balancing

Fixed the ::droprate command displaying improper amounts for certain pets or ranks

Being skulled in the rev caves now boost your drop rate

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Posted by: bendy straw - 11-03-2018, 01:00 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)

Hey guys I myself don't find anything to special about donator island that's u can do else were, 

I was wondering if dz island could have its own special boss you can only kill once you are a donator! that would get more people donating and hanging out at dz! let me know what you think guys and what suggestion you mite have to improve out donator zone

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  Introduction for Richard
Posted by: Richard The Great - 11-02-2018, 11:42 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hi my name is Richard, i am 20 years old and i am a waiter in a restaurant. When i am not working i am playing runescape or with my dogs. One nova scotia duck toller retriever and one dachshund. I am hype to play on this server. looking forward to meeting you guys ingame!

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  Revenants, Rev caves, Fixes and more. 10/31/2018-11/1/2018
Posted by: Kenny - 11-01-2018, 09:57 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

The last 2 days I have been busy working on repairing some things that have been broken by packing the newest OSRS data. We were many versions behind so some models have been repurposed or removed from maps which is a slight set back for us but we have been working hard to quickly identify and resolve these issues.

"Now what about that content kenny?!?!?" RELAX. Plenty of content has been being worked on, implemented, and improved! Here is just some!

Revenant Caves:

Not only have I finished adjusting the combat forumlas of the Revenant npc and Bracelet of Etherum, I have released the official drop tables for the Revenant npcs. There are 3 Revenant drop tiers, while the items mostly remain the same, The amounts and drop rates of these items varies depending on which Revenant you are killing so be sure to check the in game drop table to get what you want most easily!

[Image: 1bead99de695175e393df9050eb14ebe.png]

To top it off plenty of your Wilderness Slayer Tasks have been added throughout the cave!

New weapons?!?:
Several new weapons have been implemented and are ready for you to obtain and use!

Craws Bow:

The Craws Bow drops as an UNCHARGED weapon (Craws bow(u)). You must use 1,000 Ether on this to ACTIVATE the weapon, you then must charge it with up to 16,000 Ether. Every time you fire the bow 1 Ether will be used until you reach 0 where the uncharged version will be wielded.
[Image: 39e151a015e86831735d3f247f612c8e.png] 
The charged version of this bow provides a 50% accuracy and damage increase while fighting NPCS in the Wilderness.

Viggora's Chainmace:

The Viggora's Chainmace drops as an UNCHARGED weapon. You must use 1,000 Ether on this to ACTIVATE the weapon, you then must charge it with up to 16,000 Ether. Every time you fire the bow 1 Ether will be used until you reach 0 where the uncharged version will be wielded. This weapon is one handed.

[Image: 66fba666ec76323590544ecf52f867a9.png]
The charged version of this weapon provides 50% a accuracy and damage increase while fighting NPCS in the Wilderness.

Thammron's Sceptre:
The Thammaron's Sceptre drops as an UNCHARGED weapon. You must use 1,000 Ether on this to ACTIVATE the weapon, you then must charge it with up to 16,000 Ether. Every time you fire the bow 1 Ether will be used until you reach 0 where the uncharged version will be wielded.
[Image: 705eeaf7933eebfeeae8dda4cc545557.png]
The charged version of this weapon provides a 100% magic accuracy and  25% magic damage increase while fighting NPCS in the Wilderness.

Vesta's Longsword:

[Image: 4b96faba98d225e38e4a8f340ffa9d8e.png]
This is a weapon most of know from the old days. Complete with special attack. It helps complete the Vesta's set and is one of the best, possibly THE BEST, one handed melee weapon to use outside of the wilderness. (Viggora's in the wilderness)

Vesta's spear:

[Image: 5432b154d4009079bd7825f318cc2e09.png]

Here at Maplescape we put our twist on this recently revived classic. The Vesta spear provides 50% more damage while fighting CORPOREAL BEAST. Making this one of the best stab weapons and THE BEST thing to use while fighting Corp.

Statius' Warhammer:

[Image: 0525b64d276acd127f653a8a9068e014.png]
This beautiful warhammer is fairly strong. It also has a super strong special attack. When the special attack hits ABOVE 0 it also drains 30% of the enemies defence. (Same thing as Dragon Warhammer special)

Donation store reopening and disclaimer;

The donation store has been reopened and slightly revamped. The store being closed actually pushed away a large audience that have stopped to visit the server so this should help all around, I hope! 
Disclaimer; If you donate it is listed as a NON-REFUNDABLE purchase. Any attempt to ever refund or charge back this payment will result in a ban from the server and discord. You will also have the items purchases taken from your banned account. If the refund or charge back was accidental and you wish to resolve the issue, you can contact me here on the forums. 

Addtional Updates, Fixes, and information:

Fixed Thermonuclear boss area.
Added a new way to get from the main GWD room to Saradomion boss room. (previous removed with new osrs data)
Fixed all the custom maps. (Needed repacked server sided)
Removed ::revs and added a true teleport (Wilderness Teleports > Rev cave > click cave)
Added ::donate & :Confusedtore commands again
Rev caves is now a multi combat zone for both players and npcs
Halloween event has ended
Halloween edgeville tiles have been removed
You can now use a Chisel on A Bracelet of Etherum to obtain 1500 Ether
We have replaced the old Vesta and Statius models with the newer, refreshed models.
Zuriels and Morrigans sets (No weapons) has been implemented server sided.

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  Rev caves, Newest OSRS data and more
Posted by: Kenny - 10-30-2018, 10:47 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

Our client has been updated to support the newest OSRS data. The newest data has also been packed allowing us to release new content which I have been working on for quite some time related to OSRS including; Inferno, Extended mining Guild, Vorkath, and of course rev caves! We now have all the new OSRS items, maps, and npcs which we can utilize for content as well.

I have been attempted time and time again to pack the newest osrs data to no avail. (got it to work one time and thought i feked it up, so I reverted the changes SILLY ME). I hired Zac to pack the newest data and while doing so he found some things in our client that needed to be updated for certain maps and objects to render correctly. I give him 100% credit for the majority of todays client update.

Client auto updater
The above link will download the new client auto updater. When you run this .jar it will download the newest MapleScape client directly to your desktop and run it. If a cache download is required that will download and you can log in!
Huge shout out to Zac for creating this updater for us. He gets 100% credit for this as well.

Rev caves
[Image: e9aca102cf6949e074ac70a8fc23c723.png]
You can currently only get to rev caves by typing ::revs
Rev caves has been highly anticipated since the launch of the server. I am happy to say that they have now been released! Today we released a basic drop table while we do live testing of the caves and the npcs inside. By this time tomorrow the drop table will be spread out and diversified. When we fully implement the Kraws bow and other newer rev cave exclusive content it will also be included in the drop tables of these awesome wilderness npcs.

Inferno Live test:
Teleport to Inferno skilling and run straight north to find the entrance to the inferno..
[Image: 4dd7a680c74b2666ef1c92997e3043ae.png]
Once there talk to the Tzhaar npc you find to begin the Inferno fight. This is just a live test to make sure there are no major bugs. The Infernal cape and Infernal Max Cape will be released extremely soon as long as this gets tested by the community and everything checks out!

Additional updates and changes:
Bracelet of Etherum has been added. Will currently only negate damage dealt by npcs when charged. Anti-aggro coming soon
Many maps look much better and smoother thanks to the new data being packed
Glory right click options have been fixed. Including Worn operate options.
Slayer right click and worn operate options have been fixed.
Server sided map data has been updated allowing npcs to move on newer maps..

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  Splat boss, bug fixes, and more. 10/29/2018
Posted by: Kenny - 10-30-2018, 12:10 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

Today I would like to introduce the latest boss to MapleScape; Splat!
[Image: a2e1380576094c5c5f7628cfb38f7aa4.png]

You can find Splat via the Misc Teleports on the teleportation interface (Spellbook teleports or ::teleports)
Splat is a melee based boss that will hit through your prayer, but the damage is reduced.

[Image: 13124f688d14c8ef2296f67242915a8f.png]

Pink Boxing Gloves
[Image: b4ca96c39d36d401cbc8df7977c90bec.png]
Pink boxing gloves are a drop exclusive to the new Splat Boss. These beautiful gloves give a 3% drop rate boost when worn!

Drop Rate Tracker:
This update has been a long time coming, you can now track your drop rate in 2 simple ways!

If you type ::droprate your NPC Drop Rate boost will be displayed above your head!
[Image: 34837e204fb0b4b1072731846e959531.gif]
You can also click the "Drop Rate Boost" button in your quest tab to do the same thing.

Additional updates & changes;
Ruby Bolt special no longer has the damage capped at 100
Fixed a use-on-bank noting issue
Small quest tab arrangement fixes
"250k XP lamp" converted into "Small Lamp"
"500k XP lamp" converted into "Medium Lamp"
"1M XP lamp" converted into "Large Lamp"
Splat Jr pet added with Splat (1/500 chance)
[Image: 227df0829a572fe3a71f39c5f5cf9a90.png]

As always I hope you enjoy and thank you for enjoying and supporting the server.

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